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Ribbon Cutting at S Buffalo St Drop Structure!

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Federal Grant, Erie County Agreement, Village Contract Gets The Job Done

Just seven months ago, the Village of Springville was facing a nagging problem here at the South Buffalo Street drop structure-culvert.  There was a threat to public safety and to our Village streets with the detour of the north-south traffic. There was a significant threat to the Village water, sewer, and electric infrastructure.  And with budgetary constrains, there seemed to be little hope that for a long term repair by the County.  It was a frustrating problem.  But some creative cooperation and thinking among three levels of government solved the problem no one level of government could solve itself.

Today, we celebrate an intermunicipal agreements and contracts among three level of governments: The Village of  Springville, Erie County, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Through these agreements, Cold Springs Construction Company completed emergency repairs of the South Buffalo Street drop structure-culvert assembly which allowed Erie Country to reopen South Buffalo Street, a main north south thoroughfare in our Village.

Many thanks to everyone involved.  First and foremost is Erie County Legislature John Mills. John interceded for the Village in the County Government during negotiations which resulted in the agreements which secured the county’s share of the matching funds for the NCRS grant, and permitted the Village to contract for repairs of this county road.

Secondly Mr. John Whitney of the NCRS who worked very closely with the Village on the three phase comprehensive stream bank stabilization project along Spring Brook in the Village of Springville.  The total NCRS grant for this work in the Village is $3,000,000.  The drop-structure-culvert assembly phase was $1,300,000, the stream bank stabilization through the SYI grounds was $600,000, and the stream bank stabilization at the Waste Water Treatment Plant was $1,100,000.

Also I must give a tremendous thanks to our management team of Tim Horner, Karl Lux, and Audrey Seeley, whose accounting, engineering, and legal expertise successfully negotiated these much needed infrastructure improvements in our Village.  There is no better example of the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative form of Village government than how the Village of Springville mobilized itself with this professional team to secure these intermunicipal agreements and contract, and complete these improvements in a period of just six months.

And finally, a special thanks to the Cold Springs Construction Company.  They provided a much need service to our Village as it was completing the 219 extension project at the west end of our Village.  The crew was attentive to our needs, making sure the SYI summer recreation program went ahead as scheduled.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this unique intermunicipal natural resource and infrastructure project.


Why Am I Mayor? A Presentation to Seventh Graders

In Board of Trustees on November 27, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Click the link below to see the power point presentation I used to explain to Seventh Graders at the GI Middle School what I do as Mayor.

Village Government in Springville NY

Veteran’s Day Speech 2010

In Board of Trustees on November 11, 2010 at 7:10 pm

On behalf of all the residents of the Village of Springville, I wish to thank all the Veterans here today, all the local Veterans who could not attend today, and all our local sons and daughters presently serving in the military.

As mayor I thank you for this invitation to speak on Veteran’s Day.  I welcome the invitation to this ceremony and the Memorial Day ceremony because on these days I am asked to speak about character and virtue, and not about financial, legal, or political matters facing the Village.

Today I am here to thank you and all Veterans for your noble service and to remind us all that our Village, our Town, our Country is a far better place because of you.

This morning, as we look around at these monuments to Veterans here in Shuttleworth Park, we are reminded of how your service has guaranteed our country’s freedom and well being in our lifetime.  The recent history of our country is told here in Shuttleworth Park. It is a history of service by Springville and Concord men and women.  It is a history of moral courage by Town and Village residents.

You have made a difference in the world because of your moral courage and service to our country, and that is no small matter.  General George Patton, who became famous for expecting his soldiers to have moral courage, knew this when he said “Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men.”

And so we celebrate your moral courage precisely because it is not a virtue we witness every day. In our day to day affairs we sometimes forget that the heroism and the sense of duty which motivated you and all Veterans in their military service is absolutely necessary for the sustainability of our Country, of our Town, and of our Village.  And I would even say of our own personal happiness.

Abraham Lincoln, who I believe demonstrated the greatest moral courage and leadership as President, and who by the way was elected 150 years ago this month, said “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” And it is the service to others, the service to our country, that counts the most in our lives, in our years on earth.

And so, I want to thank you all not only for your selfless service in the military, but for inspiring us all to live better lives in service to our community.  I believe that we should celebrate Veterans Day every day is by following your example.

Thank you for your courage, your service, and your example.