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Springville Storm Damage

In Dept of Public Works, Public Safety on August 11, 2009 at 4:41 pm



Springville residents have  reacted quickly and cooperatively to clean up after the recent storms.  The Springville DPW, Fire Department, Police Department, and Control Center worked around the clock provide for public safety and get the Village open.  After the intial damage to the electric services, the Electric Division restored power to all Village services within 24 hours.

Residents will remember this storm for years for its damaging winds that toppled tall old maples and torrential rains that flooded our streets and cellars.  A special thanks for the cooperation residents showed in providing for public safety during the crisis.

Below is a brief  description of Village infrastructure and services during and after the storms.

The Storm

A severe thunderstorm with high winds hit Springville at approximately 1400 Aug 9, 2009 damaging and blowing down many trees (especially mature hardwoods) and causing property damage to dwellings, automobiles, accessory use structures.  At approximately 0100 Aug 10, more thunder storms produced torrential rains which caused flooding and many emergency calls to the Control Center.  A State of Emergency was declared at 0215 on Aug 10.  The travel ban was lifted at 1130 Aug 10 after the flooding subsided and the DPW Streets Division cleared the streets of debris.  The Village State of Emergency continues.  Erie County Executive declared Erie County in the State of Emergency at approximately 1700 Aug 10.  Gov Patterson declared Erie, Cattaraugus, and Chautauqua Counties disaster areas on Aug 10.


At 0200 on Aug 10, the following streets were flooded: Glenn Street,Chestnut St,Eaton from Winsmith to N Buffalo,Smith St,N Buffalo from the High School to Main St,Maple St,W Main at RiteAid.

Fire Dept : Assisted in numerous calls for flooded basements, downed wires, and fallen trees on Aug 9 & 10.  On Aug 12, the SVFD sent a detail to assist in Gowanda.

Electric Division: Several hundred customers were without electric service after the first storm at 1400 Aug 9.  Electric crews worked around the clock to restore power to Village residents by 1430 Aug 10.. Crews were called out at 2030 on Aug 10 for hanging wires on East Ave.

Waste Water Treatment Plant: The blow downs knocked out power to the plant from 1400 Aug 9 to 1430 Aug 10.  There was major erosion along Spring Brook.  Trees fell on parts of the plant facility.  Excessive flows contributed to plant overflow.

Water and Sewer Division:  Back-up generators were used at pump stations on East Ave and East Main St to keep sanitary sewer levels safe during to power outage on Aug 9 afternoon.  .  Pump and filtration building lost power temporarily during the early morning hours of Aug 10, but back-up generator kept the water flowing to the Village residents.  Crews helped at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Streets Division:  All Village Streets were partially or fully blocked by downed branches, trees, or wires from 1400 Aug 9.  Streets Division crews made streets passable for Electric crews by 1800 Aug 9.  The subsequent heavy rains and downed wires resulted in a Travel Ban from 0215 to 1130 Aug 10.  Clean up of debris from the streets and debris from private property placed curbside will continue through August.  Some streets may temporarily or partially be closed to facilitate removal of trees.

Damage to Private Property:  Tree trimmers and contractors continue work on private residences.  Residents urged to report damage to private property to Village Hall.  Streets Division will continue daily brush pickup as needed through August.  BCH sustained damage to a retaining wall and a lightening strike which continues to hamper telephone communications.

Personal Injury:  The Fire Department reported no EMS calls related to storm injuries.

State of Emergency:  The Village State of Emergency will continue through Thursday Aug 13, at which time the Village will reassess the need for a State of Emergency.  The Driving Ban was lifted at 1130 Aug 10.  Mike Willibey, Springville and Town of Concord Disaster Coordinator, has been in contact with the Fire Department, Police Department, Control Center, DPW, Village Administration.  Residents urged to report private damage to homes at the Village Office.