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2009-10 Budget

In Board of Trustees on April 17, 2009 at 8:53 pm

The Budget work sessions are over and the Trustees have prepared the 2009-10 budget for the public hearing on April 20.  The Trustee’s goal in preparing the budget was to follow  long term financial goals in delivering services in the Village.  The instability of  the economy and the political uncertainity in State politics make long term financial planning difficult.  Village property tax account for only 58% of the Village General Fund revenues.  Much of the other revenue comes from sales tax and other revenue sharing from the State.   While the proposed budget acutally reduces appropriations by 1%, it calls for a 2.9% tax tax rate increase.  A decrease of 3% in Village tax valuation contibuted to this anomaly.   Residents can be assured that the budget safeguards Village services by not relying on one time revenue sources such as  the unappropriated fund balance or an over-dependence on revenue sharing.  Furthermore, residents can be assured that the Trustees reviewed and scrutinized the budgetrequests of all department heads, and reviewed the Village contracts with the non-profit organizations that provide service to the Village residents as well as the intermunicipal agreements we have with the Town and County.


Building Code Violations

In Planning, Zoning, Historic Preservation, Code Enforcement on April 15, 2009 at 3:58 am

At tonight’s meeting, the Historic Preservation Commission voiced its concern about code violations in our Historic Districts. The frustration over distressed properties led to a discussion of what more the Village can do let property owners know that their buildings are in violation of code and must be repaired. The Village Code Enforcement Officer is working on a new process of tracking the violations through the courts. The Village prosecutor will work with a Village clerk and Code Enforcement Officer to track the code violations and inform the various Village Boards of the violations, fines, and court dispostions. This change in Village operations is the latest improvement in the area of Code Enforcement. Distressed properties are burdens in every municipalities. Springville continues to pursue these problems in an orderly and fair manner.

South Buffalo Culvert

In Dept of Public Works, Public Safety, S Bflo St Culvert on April 15, 2009 at 2:44 am

The damaged culvert and the closed road on South Buffalo Street continues to be a main concern of the Village.  At the present time, Erie County has no plans to repair the culvert.  The damaged culvert remains a threat to public safety, a threat to Village infrastructure.  The present detours installed by the county create vehicular and pedestrian safety concerns, and block access to SYI recreational facilities.  At a meeting on Monday, representatives of the Town of Concord and Springville Youth Incorporated met with Village Officials to discuss the impact of the damaged culvert and closed road on the Village, the Town, and SYI.  There is a clear consensus in our community that the culvert needs to be repaired and the road needs to be  reopened.  Also, there the community leaders agree that the County must take action in the next two weeks to allow access to the SYI Recreational facilities.  On Thursday, the Village Attorney will meet with County attorneys and present the need for immediate action.  Erie County Legislator John Mills has toured the site and supports our efforts to get immediate action by the County.damage-to-road-and-walk

Spring Clean Up in Springville

In Dept of Public Works on April 14, 2009 at 4:20 pm

The sun is out and the grass is greening. It’s time to rake the salt from the curb and repair the sod that the snow plows damaged. The Village Streets Division is cleaning the streets and repairing winter damage. You can place Spring clean up garden debris near the curb for pick up. The Streets Division will pick it up as soon as they can.